IIT-JEE (Mains/Advance) best Test Series 2018

Best Test Series for IIT-JEE 2018.

Test Series for IIT JEE Main and Advance.

Test Series for IIT JEE Main and Advance.

Which is the best test series for the preparation of JEE Main and Advance 2018? This is a very common question that is asked by every JEE aspirant. Selection of the best test series is a hard task for the students in his preparation days. Every institute or website advertises that their test series is best but the selection of best test series for you depends on some factors which will decide the best test series for you. These factors are

  • Your Residential Location
  • Level of Your Preparation
  • Your thinking capability

The first factor plays a vital role in the selection of the test series for IIT JEE, Suppose you are living in Kota or nearer to Kota than you can go to the coaching centers to attend the test but if you are living in rural area, from where you can not go to any coaching institute then there you can’t attend all India offline test series.

Don’t worry there are many online all India level test series for JEE Main and advance which you are joining from the home.

I feel launching of JIO 4G is creating a greater impact on the future of students in both positive and negative ways. For a JEE student, the positive impact of JIO 4G is that he can give Online Test series from his own residence without going anywhere. So if you are living in rural areas than online test series is best and smartest choice for you.
For the students who do not have the reach to the test centers, they can join Resonance and Allen online Test Series.

Selection of Test Series on the Level of Preparation.

What is your current level of Preparation?

Your level of preparation is also an important fact for the selection of best Series for you. Test series is beneficial for those students who have finished the entire syllabus. They have completed all theory section and solved the books, practice sets, and DPPs then they can go for Test Series.

There are two phases of your preparation.

Phase 1 - You have completed your entire syllabus with one thorough revision.

Phase 2 - You are still studying to complete your syllabus.

Let us discuss the Best test series for the case 1.

Best Test Series For JEE Main 2018.

There are many online and offline test series in the market but out of all only 4-5 test, series is up to the mark. It means if you are going to join these test series with proper preparation then they will definitely boost your performance in upcoming exams.

List of best Online/Offline Test Series for JEE Main.

  • Resonance Test Series
  • Allen Test Series For JEE Main

For JEE Main, test series offered by resonance Kota is best in the list. Resonance will provide a test series whose level of toughness will be 20% more than the original JEE Main paper. So if you will solve the 8-10 paper tougher than JEE Main than you will be habitual with the level of competition and you will be more than ready for your JEE Main 2018 exam.

The Profit of joining the Resonance test series is that it is conducted in both online and offline mode so students away from the test center can also join this JEE Main Test Series. Lakhs students from and outside of the Kota takes part in Resonance test series so you will get a great level of competition is the exam and this will be a plus point for you to compare you preparation level with others. Actually, it will be an all India level exam so you can also check that where are you standing.

Resonance offers Online Test Series in 2 Modes,

Course wise (3000 Rupees)
Topic Wise (3300 Rupees)

Allen Test Series for JEE Main is also a good alternative of Resonance. Allen also provided the test series in both mode online and offline. You can fill application form from the official site of Allen. For the Online Test Series have to pay 2200 rupees and the package includes total 21 test (14 Minor test and & Major test). The minor test starts from July and it will not cover entire syllabus means the complete course will not be asked but the major test started from January and the complete course will be asked in the test papers. Download the Allen Test Syllabus from here.

But the problem with Allen test series is that its toughness level is exactly same as the level of JEE Main exam. It will be the best stop for you if are not confident about your preparation. So Allen test series is also a wonderful path for the average student which increase their self-confidence.

So these two test series are good for JEE Main students and they provided the solution of Test paper Just after every test.These are All India Level test Series and price are not too much.

If you have not finished the first finish it?

If you have not finished the theory portion than there is no meaning of giving test series. First, try to finish you theory section and try to solve some practice sets and books because you can’t attempt mock test paper with out practice.

If you have not completed your syllabus yet then you can join the Minor Test Series by Allen. Minor test series is a Topic wise test series means it will cover some chapters from PCM. So you can go with chapter wise test series to know on which chapter your grip is weak.

For giving test series you have to first develop the problem-solving capability.

Many students are under the misconception that they have to solve the question from the previous year paper just after the completion of a chapter in their coaching. It is a bad habit because some how you can solve the question and the reason is that you have learned every concept just 2-3 days before and they are in your mind. The main thing is that whether you are able to solve those questions when you have completed your full syllabus. So in my advice don’t solve the previous year question after every chapter instead of this you can solve your class room sheets and can switch to many books available in the market for every topic. Solve the Previous Year Question papers For JEE Main and Advance as Test Series just after your Competition of Syllabus and first Revision.

According to me, you have to attend test series only after competition of your entire syllabus and first revision because after first revision you are ready to face yourself (self-evaluation).

Precaution in Joining Test Series

Many students think that only joining and attends 2-3 test series will boost their performance but it is totally wrong. We have joined the test series to check our performance and Self-analysis. If we found any weakness in our performance than it's our duty to fix it before the upcoming test but if we join more than 1 test series than we will spoil our weekend and don’t have free time to do self-assessment.By this way, we are only wasting our time and nothing more that. There will be no profit of attending many test series if we don’t go with self-assessment.

Join a test Series which gives you some time between the two consecutive test so you can analyze your performance and do correction in your weak areas.
Don’t skip or miss any test paper because if you skipped the paper then you will never get benefits from test series.

Test Series For JEE Advance 2018

Which is the Best Test Series According to your preparation level?
To answer this question we have arranged JEE Advance Test series in Order of Toughness of different test series.

AITS by FIIT JEE > Bansal Test Series for Advance > Resonance Test Series > Vibrant Test Series > Allen Test Series> Motion Test Series > Narayana Test Series.

AITs by FIIT JEE Delhi and Bansal-Resonance Test Series are considered as toughest in the list. This Institute designed the test series especially for JEE Advance and level of the test series will be extreme.As we know that the pattern of the JEE Advance paper is not fixed so these Institute design the paper as much toughest as they can.
These are not for an average student because if an average student attended these series he will surely demotivate by the level of the toughness of these test series. These test series are especially for the ranker’s students who are fighting for getting all India rank under 1500.
So the students with low level of self-confidence have not to attempt these test series until he is getting top 500 AIR in other test series.
For a good student, Bansal and Resonance test series are best for JEE Advance.

Benefits of Test Series for IIT-JEE
  • You can understand the level and pattern of exam.
  • Test series is a best source of quick revision.
  • You can feel the competition at all India level.
  • Help in developing Self Confidence and make you familiar with the exam pressure.
  • You can know you preparation level after competing with the students from all over the India.

Self-assessment (Self-improvement) is very important factor in student’s life and Test series are the best source of doing a quick revision, increasing accuracy and building self-confidence. So every serious JEE student should have to opt the test series because test series shows you real face of your preparation.

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