Top IIT-JEE Coaching in Kanpur - Select Best For You

Best Coaching for JEE Main and Advance in Kanpur.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching in Kanpur - Select Best For You

Every student who wants to do engineering has a hope that he will get admission in IIT’s and NIT’s. For this, he has to work hard after class 12th. After seeing the competition in IIT-JEE entrance exam it's undoubtedly true that joining a prestigious coaching institute is now a need of every student. Coaching institutes provide the student a particular direction in which the student has to work hard to get success in the exam. But first, the important task is to select the best coaching institute for IIT-JEE mains and advance because the selection of wrong coaching can spoil your 1-year preparation.

Kanpur - A Hub of IIT-JEE Coaching

Kanpur is known as the Industrial city but it is also known as coaching Hub for IIT JEE Preparation. Every year approx. 2-3 lakh students came to Kakadeo (Known as coaching mandi) Kanpur with a desire to join the best coaching institute for IIT JEE Main and Advance Preparation.

There are many famous coaching institutes in Kakadeo but without the famous one, there are also many fraud coaching institutes who don't have any expert faculty for every subject. The main aim of such coaching institute is only to admit a new student by giving him a huge discount in fees. Due to lack of Proper guidance and many students take admission in these fraud coaching institutes. These coachings are running on the fake advertisement.

After 2 months students realize that these institutes are only fooling them and then the students can’t do anything without wasting their 1-year precious time in changing the coaching.

I had also suffered from the same problem and wasted a year due to lack of proper guidance.

To avoid such condition you have to collect all information of the coaching in which you are going to take admission. To make this process a little bit easy for you, we had conducted a survey among the students living in Kakadeo for making a list of best IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Kanpur.

First of all, you have to understand that Kakadeo IIT JEE Coaching Mandi is known for separate coaching for every subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). Mean you have to join 3 coaching’s for IIT JEE Main and Advance preparation.
So let us discuss Best IIT JEE Coaching Institute for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics Separately.

Top IIT JEE Coaching For Chemistry in Kanpur.

For chemistry, there are many big and branded name in Kakadeo like Pankaj Aggarwal, Sanjeev Rathore, Nifa Classes and Nirmal Singh. Out of them if you have to decide the best then you can stop at one place with full faith that is Chemistry for IIT JEE By Pankaj Aggarwal and Nirmal Singh.This coaching is run by Pankaj sir and Nirmal Sir.
These 2 teachers are the god of chemistry for IIT JEE in Kanpur. Pankaj sir have specialization in Physical Chemistry and Nirmal Sir is expert in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

Both of these teachers have a teaching experience of 30 years and 18 years respectively. In the classroom course for IIT-JEE, Pankaj sir teaches Physical Chemistry and Nirmal sir teaches Organic and Inorganic chemistry. If anyone had joined the coaching and worked hard then I am sure that he/she will secure a good score in chemistry section of JEE Main and Advance entrance exam.

Some Details
Fees – 30,000 Rupees
Course Period – 1-year classroom course
Course Details – Chemistry for IIT JEE Main and Advance.

Drawback of Coaching

Huge Traffic - No. of students in every class is between 800 – 1000.

Top IIT JEE Coaching For Mathematics in Kanpur.

For mathematics, there are also many popular teachers in Kakadeo like Ashish Vishnoi, M. Shawhan, and Sarvan Katiyaar. But if we talk about the best then you don’t have any option except the Apex Institute. Apex Institute is run by 2 brothers Ashish Vishnu and Anurag Vishnoi. For IIT JEE Preparation Apex Institute is best among all. Faculty of this coaching is highly professional and well experienced. Ashish Vishnoi is graduated from IIT BHU and has 19 years of teaching experience and Anurag Vishnoi is MS from the USA.

I have attended Ashish sir classes in 2012 and I am a die-hard fan of Ashish sir’s teaching style. Best thing is that they started every chapter from a zero level and slowly move toward advance such that a below average student sitting on the last bench will be able to learn the concept taught in the classroom.

Some Details of Coaching

Fees – 30,000 Rupees
Course Period – 1-year classroom course
Course Details – Mathematics for IIT JEE Main and Advance.

Drawback of Coaching

Huge Traffic - No. of students in every batch is between 900-1200.

Top IIT JEE Coaching For Physics in Kanpur.

Lack of best teachers of Physics is the main problem of Kakadeo which every student studying in Kanpur will be faced. This is the main reason due to which hard working students are also not able to get AIR under 20. Lack of Experience Faculties of Physics is a main drawback of Kanpur due to which many students living in Uttar Pradesh and MP go to another place like Kota for IIT JEE Coaching.

But here are some new teacher (not so professional) who have ability guide the students to score good marks in JEE Main and state level Engineering Exam.

Axis Institute for IIT JEE run by Raj Kushwaha is a good option for the student preparing for JEE Main exam. Axis Coaching is managed by Raj sir and Abhishek Divoliya sir.
Raj Kushwaha covers Mechanics and Electrostatics, rest all topics are covered by Abhishek sir. Both the teacher are good in their respective field and can help you to score good mark in JEE Main.

Amit Pandey is also a good teacher for the JEE Main exam. So if You Don’t want to join Axis coaching then you can go with Amit Pandey sir.

For JEE Advance these are also a big brand teacher(like Ashish Vishnoi and Pankaj sir)  but now he is very irregular and doesn’t take many classes. The main drawback to that teacher is that he doesn’t discuss the basics.

For JEE Advance Physics you have to go All In One Coaching Institute. There are some all in one coaching where you will be taught all the three subject.

List of Best All in One Coaching Institute in Kanpur

Akash Institute
IIT JEE By Kalara Shukla
Vidyamandir Classes


FIIT-JEE Kanpur coaching institute is best repetitive IIT-JEE combined coaching in Kanpur. FIIT-JEE coaching is situated in civil lines Kanpur every year approx. 2000 students take admission in FIIT-JEE Kanpur. In 2017 JEE main exam more than 170 students were selected for JEE advance and more than 18 students scored 245+ marks. It is a very impressive result.

FEES- 1,00,000 rupees for 1 year classroom.

Akash Institute

FEES- 85,000 rupees (may vary)

COURSE-1 year classroom course

Kalrashukla IIT-JEE advance coaching

So, guys, these are some best and recommended IIT-JEE coaching centers in Kanpur. We have tried our level best now it’s your duty to choose a best IIT-JEE coaching center.

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