Allen Institute IIT-JEE Solid State Class Notes PDF

Solid State Class Notes PDF for IIT JEE.

Solid state class notes pdf for iit jee by allen institute download

The Solid state class notes PDF by Allen Institute for IIT JEE and CBSE Class 12 preparation are combined in PDF format and available to download. So, guys, you can download the solid state class notes PDF for IIT JEE by Allen Institute Kota from the download tab given the last of the post.

These class notes are basically prepared from the class room course of IIT JEE Main and Advance from Allen Institute Kota. Every year 2-3 question from the solid state are asked in JEE Main and Advance exam. Due to which Solid state chapter is very important for the JEE Main preparation.

By seeing the importance of the chapter we had converted the hard copy class notes in PDF format so that every student from all over the India can download the entire Notes from one place.

Solid State Class Notes PDF for CBSE Class 12.

This class notes Covered entire syllabus of JEE Main and JEE Advanced. So these notes are also useful for those students who are preparing for other state level engineering entrance examinations. As we said that these class notes cover entire syllabus so CBSE class 12 students can also use these class notes PDF by Allen Institute for the preparation of their board exams because complete theory part of the Solid state is discussed in the class notes with suitable examples.

So Allen Institute Solid State class Notes PDF for IIT JEE are also the best source of study material for CBSE class 12 Students.

Variety Discussed In Solid State Class Notes PDF for IIT JEE.
1. Previous Year JEE Main and Advance Questions.
2. Detailed Explanation of the Theory.
3. Solved Questions
4. Question from HCV.

For your better understanding, we are providing some important definition from the Solid State class Notes PDF.

Solid State - Branch of Chemistry which deals with the variety of Solids, the Various arrangement of constituent particles, Densities and various type of the defects.

Crystalline Solid – The particles are arranged in a definite and regular arrangement in 3D space.

Space Lattice - The arrangement of points showing how atoms or ions are arranged in 3D space.

Unit Cell – Smallest unit in space which when repeated over and over again form an entire crystal structure of the substance.

Types of Unit Cell

1. Body Centered Unit Cell
2. Simple
3. Face Centered
4. End Centered unit Cell.

Coordination Numbers - It defines the numbers of the nearest neighbors of a given particle in any packing and it is termed as coordination numbers.

Voids - the vacant space present in Crystal Structure during 3D closed packing is termed as voids and voids are divided into 2 parts on the basis of Geometry.

Imperfection or Defects - Any type of disturbance in a perfectly ordered arrangement of constituent particles in the ionic crystal is termed as defect or imperfection.It is said that an ideal or perfect ionic can exist only at one condition when the temperature is at o Kelvin or -273 Celsius but there is no proof behind it.

On the basis of the facts, the defects are divided into 3 types
Frankly defect
Scotty defect and
Defect occur due to the doping.

You can download the PDF file of the solid state class notes from the link given below.

Click Here – To Download the IIT JEE Solid State Class Notes PDF by Allen Institute Kota.

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