Chemistry In Everyday Life DPP PDF for IIT-JEE.

Chemistry In Everyday Life DPP PDF for IIT-JEE.

Chemistry In Everyday Life DPP PDF for IIT-JEE.

Chemistry in everyday life is the very important chapter for CBSE class 12 and various engineering and Medical entrance exams. Every year 2-3 questions are asked in IIT-JEE and NEET exam. Chemistry in everyday life DPP PDF for IIT JEE is the best way for the preparation of important question from the chapters related to biology. 

The main myth with this chapter is “It is a Biology chapter because it deals with the types and variety of medicine. So students preparing for the engineering entrance exam leave this chapter by considering that it is not important for them.

But when 2-3 questions from this chapter are asked in the exam then these students are not able to give the correct answer to these question which creates a huge difference in their Score.

We have created a PDF file which includes all the questions asked in different entrance exam till now from this chapter. So dear student please download the PDF file of Chemistry in everyday life DPP for your better preparation for future exams.

List of Top 20 question from Previous year exam Papers.

1. Which of these can be used as an oxidizer in the rocket propellants?
(a) Petrol  (b) Ammonium perchlorate  (c) Alcohol (d) Rubber

2. Where we can use sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate?
(a) Cake (b) Fertilizer  (c) tyre (d) detergent

3. Which of the following can be used for the preparation of cosmetics?
(a) Sand (b) Activated Carbon (c) Trimethyl stearyl ammonium bromide  (d) Sodium stearyl sulphonate

4. Which one of the given below forms the cationic micelles above certain concentration?
(a) Sodium acetate (b) Alcohol  (c) Urea (d) glycol

5. Bithionol used in the soap for the function of.
(a) Antiseptic  (b) Dryer  (c)  Softener (d) Oxidising Agent

6. Which of the following is in grain dye?
(a) Aniline black  (b) Indigo  (c) detergent  (d) azo dyes

7. Fluorescein is which type of the dye.
(a) Azo dyes (b) nitro dyes  (c) Alizarin  (d) phthalein dyes

8. In which class alizarin belongs to
(a) Vat dyes (b) Nitro dyes  (c)  Azo dyes (d) Mordant dyes

9. Which one of the following can be considered as the best example of the azo dyes?
(a)  Martius yellow (b) Nitro dyes  (c) Alizarin  (d) Methyl orange

10. Which type of dyes are used to dye the polyester fibers and nylon?
(a) Nitro dyes (b) Azo dyes  (c) phthalein dyes (d) Disperse dyes

11. Which one the given below can be said as pheromone?
(a) Anthraquinone  (b) Disparlure (c) vat dyes (d) BHA

12. Which one of the following is best and safest alternative to the sugar?
(a) Sucrose  (b) aspartame  (c) cyclodextrin  (d) saccharin

13. Which of the given below is the best food preservative?
(a) sodium benzoate  (b) aluminium (c) sodium chloride (d) sodium acetate

14. A drug that is analgesic as well as antipyretic is
(a) paracetamol (b) procaine  (c)  penicillin (d) ampicillin

15. Which one of the following compounds are used as broad spectrum antibiotics?
(a) Penicillin G (b) Tetracycillin G (c) paracetamol  (d) procaine

16. Which of the following is bacteriostatic?
(a)  Erythromycin (b) Tranquiliser  (c) Bithionol   (d) None

17. Which Chemical term is used for the notation of aspirin?
(a) 2-acetoxy-benzoic acid  (b) phenyl salicylate  (c)  bithionol (d)

18. Which of the following is termed as “Morning After Pills?
(a) Mifepristone  (b) Norethindrone  (c) Amino glycogen  (d) None of These

19. Benzalkonium  chloride is a
(a) cationic surfactant and antiseptic
(b) Antiseptic
(c) Oxidizer
(d) None

20. The drug used to bring down the temperature of the body or Fever is known as
(a) Tetracycline  (b) Sulpha drugs  (c)  Oxytocin (d) Ofloxacin

Students please download the PDF file from the below and study it regularly because many questions from this Daily Problem Practice set can be repeated in your Main exam.

Download from Here --- (Available soon)

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