Electrostatics Question Bank PDF| IIT JEE Question Bank

Electrostatics Question Bank PDF| IIT JEE Question Bank.

Electrostatics question bank pdf for jee main and advance

Namaskar Friends, Today we are sharing electrostatics question bank PDF for JEE Main and Advance exam. The question bank is divided into 3 level,

Level 1 ,
Level 2 and
Level 3

Electrostatics Class Notes Details

Level 1 contains easy questions and level 2 contains questions for JEE Main and Advance but level 3 contain previous year questions of Electrostatics asked in JEE Main and Advance exams. 
The answer key of these question is also provided with every set so you can check your answer from there.

Some Useful questions set for upcoming JEE Main exam 2018.

1. If we place an electric dipole S in a uniform electric field W. The dipole has minimum potential energy when angle between S and W will be
(a) 30  (b) 70  (c) 90  (d) Zero

2. The total flux across the sphere of a Gaussian sphere encloses an electric dipole will be
(a) Zero (b) Half  (c) Twice (d) Thrice

3. If we merged 125 spherical mercury droplets having 2.5 V potential of each mercury droplet. What will be the potential of entire droplets will be?
(a) 0.1 V  (b) 1.0 V (c) 2.4 V  (d) 4 V

4. If we charged a hollow metal sphere of its radius 5 cm to a surface potential 10V then What will be its potential at center?
(a) Same as Surface (b) Double to Surface  (c) Zero (d) 10 V

5. What will be the value of E and V at the centroid of equilateral if we place charges 2q, –q and -q at the vertices of the equilateral triangle?
(a) E is not equal to 0 and V is equal to zero
(b) V is not equal to 0 and E is equal to zero is not equal to 0 and V is equal to zero 
(c) Both to equal to zero
(d) None of above.

6. When we move a charge of 20 coulombs by a distance of 2 cm than 2 Joule of work done. What is the potential difference between the initial and final position of charge?
(a) 4 V  (b) 0.6 V  (c)  0.1 V (d) 8 V

7. if a person brings an electron toward the another electron then what will be the change in potential energy of the entire system will be?
(a) Increases   (b) Half   (c) Decreases  (d) reduces to zero.

8. If a charge of 1 micro coulomb is divided into 2 parts in ratio 2:3 and placed 1 m apart in the vacuum. what will be the electric forces acting between in Newton?
(a) 0.00216 (b)  216.0 (c) 0.217  (d) 0.0021678

9. The comb (rubbed on dry hair) attract small pieces of papers and this process is due to
(a) Paper is a good conductor (b)  paper is an insulator (c) both a and b (d) None of these.

10.If a charge S is divided into 2 parts S – s  and s.What should be the value of s so that maximum force act between these two charges?
(a) S/4  (b) S/2  (c) S/6 (d) S/3

11.If we placed a conducting material between two charges. Then, what will be the electric force between them
(a)  5N (b) 5 dyne (c) Zero (d) None of these

12. If a point charge c is placed in the center of the line have two equal charge  C at corners. The system of the three charges attains the position of equilibrium when
(a) C/3  (b) C/4 (c) C/5 (d) C/6

13. When a body is connected to the earth surface and electrons start flowing from the earth toward the body.What will this flow of electrons indicate?
(a) The body is charged (b)  Body is positively Charges  (c) body is uncharged (d)  None of these.

14. In which point the hollow sphere does never produce an electric field?
(a) At outer point (b) At interior Point (c)  both (d) None 

15. Find the distance of the point from the charge of potential and field strength at that point is 600 V and 200 N/C.
(a) 6 m (b) 7 m (c) 3.5 m (d) 3 m

16. If 4 point charges each +c is placed on the circumference of a circle of the diameter 2S if such a way that position of these 4 charges form a square on the circumference of the circle. Then, What is the potential at the center of the circle?

(a) 4c / S (b) 0  (c)  3/S (d) S / 4c

Download the electrostatics question bank from the link given below.

Click HereDownload Electrostatics question bank pdf.

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