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Allen Institute Redox Reaction Class notes PDF

Redox Reaction Class Notes for IIT JEE

redox reaction class notes pdf for iit jee allen kota

Hello, friends today we are sharing redox reaction class notes PDF along with solved examples. These class notes are consist of theory notes, solved examples along with practice sets. Allen Institute redox reaction class notes PDF are prepared in classroom programme.

Redox reaction is the basic step for the study of Electrochemistry and Chemical kinematics. So these Redox Reaction Class notes will be very beneficial for those who are preparing for JEE Main & Advanced and Other Medical Exams Like NEET, AIIMs and for class 12 students.These class notes are prepared by keeping in mind that every year 2-3 questions from redox reactions are asked in JEE exam and 3-4 question are asked in NEET.So redox reaction chapter is very important for both engineering and medical students as well.

Some Important concepts covered in Redox Reaction Class Notes PDF.

  Oxidation No and Rules for the determination of Oxidation Number in all state.
  Reduction of oxidizing and reducing nature of the compound.
  Types of Redox Reaction
  Disproportionation reaction
  Balancing of Redox Reaction
  Determination of equivalent weight and n factor for oxidizing agent and the reducing agent.

Material Covered In Handwritten Class Notes PDF.

1. Detailed Explanation of Entire Theory Part.
2.Solved Examples for Better Understanding
3.Question from HCV
4. Previous year question of JEE Main and Advance.

According to me you have to download the PDF of class notes and Revise the theory at least 2 time and solve all the question given in PDF.

Interested students Can Download Allen Institute Redox Reaction Class Notes PDF from the link given Below.

Click Here - To Download Redox Reaction Class Notes PDF by Allen Institute.