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Motion In Straight Line DPP PDF for IIT-JEE

Motion In Straight Line DPP PDF for IIT-JEE

Motion in straight line dpp pdf download

Here we are presenting the DDP PDF of Motion In straight Line for JEE Main and Advance.The Pdf file of motion in straight line question sets is prepared for the previous year question papers of exams like JEE Main, Advance, UPSEE, BITSAT, VITEEE etc.

1. If a body is falling freely under the action of gravity. The distance covered by body is third, second and the First minute of its motion is the ratio of
(a) 13 : 5 : 1 (b) 13 : 5 : 3 (c) 13 : 8 : 6 (d) 13 : 6 : 3

2. If a flying object flies 400m north and 300m south and then flies 1200m toward upward. Then, What will the net displacement?
(a) 1800m (b) 1200m (c) 1500m (d) 1700m

3. A truck moves a distance of 200 m. It covers the first half of the distance at speed 60 Km/h and the second half at speed v.If the average speed is 40 Km/h, the value of v is.
(a) 45Km/h (b) 54Km/h (c) 30Km/h (d) 40Km/h

4. If a bus begins to move with an acceleration of 1m/s square. A man who is 48 m behind the bus starts running at 10 m/s square to catch the bus. The man will be able to catch the bus after the
(a) 8 s  (b) 9 s  (c) 11 s  (d) 12 s

5. The motor of a metro train can give it an acceleration of 1 m/s square and the brakes can give a negative acceleration to the metro of 3 m/s square. What will be the shortest time which the train can make trips between the two station 1215 m apart is?
(a) 60 S  (b) 56.9 S  (c) 58.2 s  (d) None of these.

6. If an iron ball is dropped from a bridge at a height of 176.4 m over a pond. After 2 s, a second iron ball is thrown vertically downward. What will be the initial velocity of the second ball so that t both the ball touches the pond simultaneously?
(a) 24.5 m/s  (b) 15.4 m/s  (c) 12.7 m/s  (d) 65 m/s

7. A gun bullet if fired into the tree steam. If bullet half of its velocity after penetrating 40 cm.It comes to rest after penetrating a future distance of
(a) 40/3 cm (b) 40/5 cm (c) 43/6 cm (d) 23/8 cm

8. The velocity of a body of mass 20 kg decrease from 20 m/s to 5 m/s in a distance of 100 m. Force on the body is
(a) -37.5 N (b) -24.5 N (c) -46.5 N (d) None of them.

9. If a car is moving with a uniform acceleration cross a distance of 65 m in the 5th second and 105 m in a 9th second. How far will it go I the 20 seconds?
(a) 2400m (b) 2787m (c) 204 m (d) 2100m

10. A boy moving on the car see a bus 1 km ahead moving with a velocity of the 10 m/s. What should be the speed of the car so that it can overtake the bus in 100 s?
(a) 20 m/s (b) 18 m/s (c) 15 m/s (d) 23 m/s

11. A car is moving along a straight line path with a constant velocity. At an instant of time, the distance traveled by it is w and its displacement is S, Then which condition is true
(a) S > w (b) S = w (c) S < w (d) None.

12. Body moves for a total of nine seconds started from the rest position to a uniform acceleration and then with uniform retardation. The rate of retardation is twice the rate of acceleration then stop. The duration of uniform acceleration will be.
(a) 6 s (b) 8 s (c) 9 s (d) 11 s

13. An iron ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground surface with an initial velocity 1.4 m/s returns in 2 s. What will be the total displacement of the ball will be?
(a) Zero (b) 22.7 m (c) 33.8 m (d) 65.5 m

14. If a body loses half of its velocity o penetrating 3 cm in a wooden block, then how much will it penetrate more before coming to rest?
(a) 3 cm (b) 5 cm (c) 7 cm (d) None.

15. A train moving with uniform acceleration covered 40 m in the first 5 s and 65 m in next 5 s. Its initial velocity will be
(a) 3 m/s (b) 6 m/s (c) 4 m/s (d) None of these.

16. If a wooden block is dropped from the top of the tower and it covers a distance of 60 m during the last two second of its journey. What is the height of the tower
(a) 80 m (b) 78 m (c) 56 m (d) None of these.

17. A bullet moving with a speed of 100 m/s can just penetrate two planks of equal thickness. What will be a total number of such planks penetrated by the same bullet when the speed of the bullet will be increased to the double of its previous speed.
(a) 8 (b) 11 (c) 14 (d) None.

18. A body moving with a uniform acceleration travels 24 m is first 4 seconds and 64 m in next 4 seconds. What should be the initial velocity of the moving body?
(a) 8 m/s (b) 11 m/s (c) 13 m/s (d) 1 m/s

19. A bullet fired from the gun of the barrel of length 2m with the speed of 80 m/s. What is the average acceleration of the bullet?
(a) 1600 m/s square (b) 1800 m/s square (c) 2000m/s square (d) None of the above.

20. If we dropped two bodies of different masses from the height of 16 m and 25 m respectively. What will be the ratio of time taken by two bodies to reach the ground?
(a) 4/5 (b) 4/6 (c) 12/13 (d) 25/2.