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Hello students here we are giving Solution and Colligative Properties DPP PDF for IIT-JEE.You can download the PDF of the Solutions DPP for IIT JEE from the link given below.
Daily Practice Problems DPP for IIT JEE is used to check our performance and for practice. So download the Daily Practice Problems for JEE Main from the Link given below.

Here we are providing some important question from our DPP. So if you don't want to download the PDF file then you can also study the important questions from DPP given below. 

27 Important questions from DPP Set.

1. Out of following which one is not the example of the solution?
(a) Benzene in Water  (b) Air  (c)  Amalgam  (d) Brass.

2. In which ratio of volume 0.4 M HCl and 0.9 M HCl are to be mixed so that the concentration of the result, the solution will become?
(a) 2 : 3  (b) 4: 9  (c) 3 : 2  (d)  1 : 1

3. By dissolving 129g of urea in 1000 g of water gave a solution of density 1.15 g/ml. The molarity of the solution is
(a) 2.00 M  (b) 1.78 M  (c)  2.22 M (d)  2.05 M

4. 2.5 L of NaCl solution contains 5 moles of the solute. What is the molarity?
(a) 2.5 M  (b) 12.5 M  (c) 2 M  (d) 5 M

5. What is the molarity of the purest form of the water?
(a) 18  (b) 16  (c)  55.5 (d) 19

6. By change in temperature which will be affected?
(a) Volume  (b) Mass  (c) Mole fraction  (d) Molarity. 

7. Molarity is expressed by
(a) mol/L (b) mol/1000g  (c) Gram  (d) None.

8. Which one of the following cons. unit is free of the temperature?
(a) Molarity  (b)  Normality  (c) ppm   (d)  Molecular Mass.

9. If the molarity of a given orthophosphoric acid solution is 3 M then finds its normality.
(a) 8 N  (b) 9 N  (c)  10 N (d) 11 N

10. If 138g of ethyl alcohol is mixed with 72 g of water.Find the ratio of mole fraction of alcohol to water?
(a) 1 : 2  (b) 3: 4  (c) 5:6  (d) 7:3

11. 25 mL of a solution of barium hydroxide on titration with 0.1 molar solution of hydrochloric acid gave a titer value of 35 mL. The molarity of barium hydroxide solution was?
(a) 0.07  (b) 0.11   (c) 0.54  (d) 0.35

12. One part of the solute in one million parts of solvent is expressed as?
(a) ppm  (b) mg/1000 cc  (c) gram   (d) g/L.

13. An aqueous solution of glucose is 20 % in strength. the volume in which 1 g-mole of it is dissolved will be
(a) 0.9 L  (b) 1 L   (c)  0.8 L  (d) 1.7 L

14. Which of the given terms are free of the effect of temperature?
(a) Mole fraction and molarity  (b) Molarity   (c) Molecular Mass  (d) None

15. How many grams of dibasic acid should be present in 100 mL of the aqueous solution to give 0.1 N?
(a) 1 g  (b) 2 g   (c) 3 g   (d) 4 g

16. Let us assume that the sea water is a 3.50 weight per cent aqueous solution of NaCl.What is the molarity of sea water?
(a) 0.62 m  (b) 6.2 m   (c)  62m (d) 0.062 m.

17. Molar solution is defined as 1mole of solute present in
(a) 1000 gram of Solvent  (b) 1 L of Solution  (c) 0.5 gram of solution  (d) none.

18. If x gram of the water is mixed in 69 g of ethanol. The mole fraction of ethanol in the resultant solution is 0.6.What will be the value of the x?
(a) 18  (b) 29  (c) 17  (d)  28

19. In the Benzene, the mole fraction of the solute is 0.2.Then Find the molality of the solute
(a) 3.2  (b) 4.6  (c) 7.4  (d) 3.6

20. 1 kg of NaOH contains 4 g of NaOH .The approximate conc. of the solution is
(a) 0.1 molal  (b) about 0.6 N  (c) Decinormal  (d)  0.1 molar.

21. The vapor pressure of two liquids X and Y are 80 and 60 torr respectively. The total vapor pressure of the ideal solution obtained by mixing 3 moles of X and 2 moles of Y would be
(a) 72 Torr  (b)  35 Torr (c) 143 Torr  (d) None

22. The Azeotropic mixture of HCl and Water has
(a) 20.2% HCl  (b) 31.3% HCl   (c) 38.4% HCl  (d) None.

23.If an ideal solution is prepared by mixing 30 mL chloroform and 50mL acetone.The volume of mixture will be
(a) more than 80 mL  (b) Less than 80 mL   (c) 80 mL  (d) None.

24. Which of the following has a lowest freezing point?
(a) 0.1 m sucrose  (b) 0.1 ethanol  (c) 0.1 Urea  (d)  0.1 glucose.

25. Which is the unit in which the osmotic pressure is expressed
(a) atm  (b) calories  (c) Kg  (d) gram.

26. The relative lowering of the vapour pressure of a dilute aqueous solution containing non - volatile solute is 0.0125. The molarity of the solution is about?
(a) 0.54  (b) 0.67  (c) 0.76  (d) 0.70

27. For the determination of the molar mass of colloids, polymers, and protein, which property is used?
(a) Osmotic Pressure  (b)  Atmospheric pressure  (c) Diffusion Pressure  (d) None.

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